Osram Sylvania XBO2000W/HFSL OFR 68883 Xenon Lamp for Sony SRX-R320, SRX-R220

Osram Sylvania

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XBO2000W/HFSL OFR (68883)
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Osram Sylvania XBO2000W/HPS L 68883 Xenon lamp for Sony SRX-R320, SRX-R220

Going to the cinema is not just about watching
blockbuster movies while eating popcorn. It's about
escaping daily life and diving into another world. For
almost 70 years, OSRAM XBO® lamps have delighted
audiences worldwide and transformed a visit to the
cinema into an experience they will remember.

The age of digital cinema has placed huge demands on
projection technology, but XBO® cinema lamps have
stayed one step ahead of the demands with continuous
improvements and upgrades.

New digital cinema projectors and large screens require a
high light output. OSRAM XBO® cinema lamps rise to the
challenge with a level of luminance that guarantees
brilliant, high-resolution images while maintaining the
quality of the image—all with an impressive lifespan.

OSRAM XBO® product highlights in details
— Short arc with highest luminance for brighter
screen illumination
— A lifetime of reliable performances with constant
6000K color temperature
— Easy to maintain
— High level of arc stability
— Hot restart and instant light on screen
— Dimmable in a wide range
— Wattage from 1200W to 8000W
— Designed to perform best within the projectors
of all major manufacturer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review